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Welcome to Vanessa's Cat Corner

Let me be your helper cat! Every good witch needs a sweet kitty friend who supports their goals and helps them look after themselves! I've been helping Nickhole Arcade and Stellar Door with mindful traditions, caring support and herbal wisdom for a while and now I'd love to help you, too!

Hello, Love! I'm Vanessa Cat

My primary role is to assist you in unlocking your highest self. I will customize your experience and work with a combination of herbs, crystals, rituals etc. I also offer Oracle and Tarot card readings, and would love to assist your specific path to empower you to work towards your goals.

I view you as having the innate ability to heal and your body systems as being interconnected. In my practice, I draw on knowledge from various Herbalism traditions, scientific research and physiology to craft custom herbal formulations based on your goals, specific constitution and symptom presentation.

Though I’m not a doctor, I can work with you during any health issue or imbalance, acute or chronic. I have interest and experience working with people experiencing issues with digestive health, auto-immunity, chronic pain, endocrine/hormonal imbalances, irregularities, injury recovery, sleep issues, mood/emotional imbalances, and much more.

My hand-made items & other magic 

available at Stellar Door include:

Complete kits and Gift sets

-Drinking Tea

-Hand-blended Bath Teas




-Infused oils


-Tarot readings

-Oracle readings 


-Hand made bath sprays

-Pillow packs with sleepy smells