Stellar Door


1222 S. 2nd Ave Suite A, Tumwater, WA 98512

Each artist is different like each client and project is different

Take a look at our artists' work and let us know who you'd most like to work with. Each artist at Stellar Door works well with custom requests or flash designs.  When you're finished with your contact form, you'll automatically receive a reply welcoming you to our practice. You will be able to send pics and more ideas to your artist directly thru the portal once you've made your request.

Allison Goodnight

Allison Goodnight is a traveling painter and tattooist. She has had several exhibits over the past 10 years in Montana, Oregon, California, and New Zealand. In 2014 she got her tattoo apprenticeship. Since then she has mainly concentrated on tattooing and painting, finding the symbiotic relationship between the two. Before pursuing tattooing Goodnight spent years focusing on sculpture with found objects and textile, playing music in a noise band, performance in a variety show, and constructing fashion with recycled goods.

Nickhole Arcade

Hi, I'm Nickhole Arcade, the owner and resident artist of Stellar Door Tattoos. I have been tattooing for 20 years and have learned a lot that I love to share with others throughout that time. My mission is to continually heal the energy in myself and those around me by creating meaningful art, with compassion and an inclusive, collaborative mindset. I believe it is possible to receive beautiful tattoo work, while enjoying the process, protecting the planet and helping those in need. Ultimately, I hope that my art and tattooing will inspire everyone to become better friends with the planet, animals, and each other.


Hello, my name is Realms! I was born and raised in Olympia, WA and I have been tattooing for 4 years. Tattoo styles that I like to focus on include black and gray realism, a technique of stipple shading that I've developed combined with pops of color and I especially like to tattoo black and gray or space roses! I am also willing to do cover ups. When I'm not tattooing, I like to spend my time painting and hanging out with my dog.


Hello, my name is Cha-Ka! I am a USMC veteran and I am a first year tattooer. I really love American Traditional style tattooing and also really enjoy illustrative and trash polka style tattooing! I'm looking forward to working with new folks and building my clientele in this area